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What is Coinclustr?

Our cloud-based payment process is designed to give our client a smooth experience when receiving payments for their business. We use the latest technology to ensure that our tools can be integrated easily, whether it a new or existing solution.

Easy to use

Easy of use

Use secure channels to trade in cryptocurrency. Integrate and build payment solution and protect your earning.



Generates a unique payment address to protect your identity and receive your coins.



Use secure channels to trade in cryptocurrency. Integrate and build payment solution and protect your earnin

List with benefits of our platform

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    Personal solution

    Request payments directly to a user through our platform. Secure, fast and easy to use.

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    E-commerce solutions

    We currently provide a sleek widget which can easily be integrated into your eCommerce platform.

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    Business to Business

    Make use of our Wallet API to build your payment solution. Scalable, robust and reliable, you will never miss a payment and can track each stage of the transaction within your account.

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    High Availability

    Our core API is designed on cloud-based technologies which allow us to guarantee the best services. Downtime is reduced, so you can process as many payments you like without any worry.

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    We use best practices to secure all payments, so your earnings are always safe. We also encourage our client to make the best of our security by using MFA, user activity logs and accounts notifications.

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    Business Analysis

    We provide enhanced analytics for you business so you can have the important information about who your customers are.

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    We make use of geo-location to provide accurate business analytics data and also ensure payments are safe at all times.

Receive coins in 3 simple steps

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Frequently Asked Questions

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